Gunslinger Speargun Mount


Gunslinger two gun speargun mount
Like so many things, the Gunslinger Two Gun speargun mount was born out of necessity.  In 2017 some local guys got together and formed a loosely-organized diving club and spearfishing club that eventually evolved into the Graveyard Hunters.  Most of the fellers had a short gun and a long gun, so that resulted in at least six or eight guns lying around all over the deck.

At first we used a big blue plastic barrel with the top cut off.  We filled it with water, and stuck the guns in it butt-down.  This worked OK, but the barrel took up a lot of deck space.  Then one day the ride got a little rough, and the barrel fell over with the guns in it, and one almost stabbed me in the head.  That created a safety issue, becuase the ride isn't always that smooth in the Graveyard of the Atlantic.

To avoid a speargun shaft in the head, we went back to just laying our guns in the V-berth or lying on the deck.  This wasn't a
soultion, but a stop-gap answer.  Not only was it   
Gunslinger two gun speargun mount
  just a less dangerous method of storing our guns, but it created the possibility that our guns would be damaged from being stepped on or gear being dropped or stowed on them.  Many times I had stumped my toe on a speargun tip when the gun was lying on the deck, or nearly stepped on my gun while it was lying on the deck, possibly bending a shaft or breaking it.  There were no reasonable solutions for stowing a gun excpet bungee-tying it to a rail.  Bungee tying it to some stationary object was an anser, but a temporary improvised answer.  No one likes to replace an expensive Bouyancy Compensating Device becuase the air bladder got stabbed with a spear gun tip.

I had some scrap starboard marine lumber in the scrap pile at home, and some woodworking tools in the garage, so I set out to find an answer.  There had to be an inexpensive, simple but effective, and safe and practical way to stow a speargun.  It's done with rifles and shotguns in police cars and in home gun cabinets, so why couldn't it be done with spearguns?  I had some posterboard in the garage to make some patterns, so I began drawing designs and cutting them out of poster board with an exacto knife.  When I had a pattern I thought might meet all my requirements, I'd cut it out of scrap starboard and see how it fitted and looked.  A rail mount design was my goal, becuase I just don't like to drill holes in my boat.  I wanted something that could be removed without leaving permanent damage or alteration to my boat.

The result was a simple and compact rail mount that stowed one gun.  Shockcord was the obvious way to secure the gun.  Brackets and levers and locks just added to the complexity of the deign wothout offering benefit.  But shock cord was self-adjusting, inexpensive by comparison, maintenance free, and easy to replace if it ever wore out.  I made several prototypes, making changes all along as I realized what worked better and what didn't.  That first single-gun rail mount was finally done several days later, with withthe result of several failed designs in the scrap-pile.

Gunslinger single gun speargun mount
The original "Gunslinger" single gun rail mount

But that single-gun mount wasn't the final answer,  I had two spearguns.  Plus, even if I only owned one speargun, you know the old adage, "A gun with a one-horse horse trailer doesn't have a friend in the world."   So I set out to modify my design once again.  This time, it needed to stow at least two guns on my small skiff, whether I went spearfishing with a friend or whether I wanted to go spearfishing by myself and bring both my guns.  But what that Gunslinger single gun speargun railmount did was prove to me that it could be done adn not look like some jury-rigged home made speargun mount.

The Gunslinger "Two Gun" speargun rail-mount was born.  It took a few attempts to work out the most efficient way to build it, and a few more pieces of starboard in the scrap pile, but when I was done I liked the design.  It was maintenance free, durable, and it just worked.  The next thing was to mount the
Gunslinger "Two Gun" speargun rail-mount on my center console rail and put my spearguns in it and try it out.  Becuase, after all, at this point it was just an idea that hadn't been tested in real-life use.

The Gunslinger "Two Gun" rail mount speargun mount was born.  It mounts directly to the vertical rail around the center console using stainless steel fasters, and comes with an EDPM spacer so that it mounts securely and won't slide around the rail if bumped.  The shock cord bungee holds either one or two guns securely and safely, and comes in your choice of black, red, or blue to color coordinate with your boat.
Gunslinger two gun speargun  mount

Each one is hand made by me from Marine grade thermoplastic.  The sides and channels are machine cut, the holes are all bored with Lenox professional grade hole saws, and then all the
Gunslinger "Two Gun" speargun rail-mount edges are then rounded-over with a router and wet sanded extra smooth with 600 grit sandpaper.   If during any of these steps  the "blade slips" or something else happens that doesn't meet Gunslinger "Two Gun" speargun rail-mounts high standards, then it goes in the scrap pile and I start over from scratch.  After that, the EDPM spacers are cut and the bungee, in the color you chose, is put in place.  The last step is to mount the Gunslinger "Two Gun" speargun rail-mount on the rail in my workshop and see that it fits properly like it should.  Once it meets the high Gunslinger "Two Gun" speargun rail-mount standard, it is packaged and shipped to your door by U.S.P.S. Priority mail.

If you have special needs or have an idea about custom mount that might fit your particular boat better, contact me and we can discuss a custom solution that fits your particular need.  I'll make up a pattern, cut a "rough" and ship it to you and you can see if your idea works to your satisfaction.  If so, then I can custom create you particular Gunslinger speargun mount.  Whether it's my stock Gunslinger "Two Gun" speargun rail-mount, or a custom made Gunslinger speargun rail-mount, it's always backed by my "No BS warranty.  No other manufacturer of any product in the world offers such an absolute warranty.