Gunslinger Speargun Mount


Do you need a place to safely mount your spearguns on your boat?  My patented "Two Gun" rail-mounted vertical speargun mount
securely holds most all popular speargun sizes.  Simply place your speargun into either of the the slotted channels on the Gunslinger mount,
and loop the shock cord restraining strap in place.  That's all there is to it.  The Gunslinger "Two Gun" speargun mount is a two-piece mount that attaches
  to either side rail of your center console (or any other vertical rail on your boat).  The Gunslinger
"Two Gun"speargun
mount attaches like a clamp,
so there's no need to drill holes in your boat or make any other permanent modifications to your
boat that you might regret later.  The Gunslinger "Two Gun" speargun mount is manufactured of 100% environmetally-stable
marine-grade polythylene, so it won't rust, rot, warp, or swell.   Stainless steel mounting screws are included.
The Gunslinger "Two Gun" speargun mount installs in only minutes and all you need to attach it is a phillips head screw driver.

The Gunslinger "Two Gun" speargun mount is available in either white or black, and with your choice of black, blue, yellow, or red shockcord
restraining strap.

                      • Organize your boat with a safe, reliable way to stow your spearguns
                      • Constructed of sturdy 3/4 inch marine-grade material
                      • U.V. Inhibited
                      • Virtually indestructable
                      • Clean, non-destructive mounting
                      • 100% American made
                      • Full lifetime no-hassle warranty

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